DE/TT Schedule

Dates Location Direction Event Type Registration Opens 9:00 AM
Jan 28-29 Chuckwalla Valley Raceway Clockwise DE/TT Dec 18
Mar 11-12 Chuckwalla Valley Raceway Counterclockwise DE/TT Jan 30
Apr 21-23 AAA Speedway (CFOS) Counterclockwise (roval) TT/CR Mar 5
May 20-21 The Streets of Willow Springs Clockwise DE/TT Apr 9
Sep 30-Oct 1 Willow Springs 2.5 mi Clockwise TT/CR Aug 20
Oct 21-22 Chuckwalla Valley Raceway Clockwise DE/TT Sep 10
Nov 11-12 Buttonwillow Raceway Park Clockwise (config. 1) TT/CR Oct 2

If you have never registered online for one of our DE or TT driving events before, please click here for information on how to do it easily and efficiently.